CTS uses a secure candidate sourcing and skill-based matching system that pre-screens, sorts, and ranks candidates in hundreds of job classifications and technical skills.


Our TalentWorkspace® quickly meets critical technical position requirements by connecting our customers to our global database of over 1.5 million "STEM" Engineers.


CTS sources talent from over 50 countries and has processed over 7,000 visas and green cards. Our customers regard CTS as the cost-effective and flexible solution.

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At CTS International, we understand the importance of specialized talent in propelling businesses forward in the competitive aerospace, defense, space, and technology industries. Our groundbreaking talent solutions have revolutionized the way companies find and hire skilled professionals, enabling them to overcome challenges and thrive in a fast-paced global economy.

We hire highly skilled engineering talent for companies in various industries, including Aerospace, Defense, New Space, AI, Electric Vehicles and Information Technology.

Leap into Exclusive Opportunities!

At CTS International, we've curated a treasure trove of coveted, highly skilled positions that are often elusive to find. Step into a realm of endless possibilities as we bridge the gap between extraordinary professionals and organizations hungry for specialized talent. 

Embark on an enriching career journey where your skills are celebrated and your potential knows no bounds. Upload your Resume and Apply.

Reliability & Maintainability Engineer 4

Everett, WA

Position is 100% on-site in Everett, WA We have an exciting opportunity for an Experienced Reliability and ...

* 100% onsite in Everett, Renton or Seattle
Test & Evaluation Technical Specialist 3

Hazelwood, MO

Company AvionX is seeking a highly organized, detail-oriented, experienced Test and Material Order Planning Specialist ...

* Secret Clearance & US Citizenship Required
Equipment Manager Engineer 3

Oklahoma City, OK

Must be able to obtain a Secret ...

* Secret Clearance & US Citizenship Required
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World Class Services for Candidates & Clients

CTS International always provides our customers with the highest level of service, whether they are giants in the aerospace, defense, technology, and engineering sectors or small organizations just starting out. Despite the challenging economic environment, CTS is constantly looking for better ways to invest in creating opportunities to connect our skilled workforce with hiring employers all over the world. Partner with CTS, and we’ll find you the highly skilled talent you’ve been looking for.

Working with CTS

CTS has jobs that will take you to the next level in your career, whether you're looking for a cutting-edge job in Aerospace, Defense, New Space, or opportunities in Information Technology.

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We offer competitive compensation and a range of health and wellness benefits to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing. You'll also benefit from retirement plans, paid time off, and continuous learning opportunities.

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Why CTS?

Our global reach connects you with opportunities across the world, in diverse and emerging fields. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to recruitment, understanding your aspirations and matching you with roles that meet your career goals and enhance your skills.

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Workforce Solutions

CTS thrives in a highly competitive market for skilled software developers, engineers, and programmers. In these industries' ever-changing landscapes, demand continues to skyrocket.

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International Expertise

CTS International brings over three decades of international recruitment experience to the table. We leverage our extensive international footprint and in-depth knowledge of various regional markets to tap into the global talent pool.

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Full Employment Services

Our full employment services encompass a wide array of critical HR functions, ranging from efficient payroll management and comprehensive benefits administration to rigorous compliance management and effective risk mitigation strategies.

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Latest Industry News

Stay updated with the latest happenings in the technology industry as we bring you a curated list of news from top aerospace, defense, AI, EV, and new space companies. 

Explore groundbreaking innovations, industry trends, and game-changing developments shaping the future of technology.

blog image October, 2023
Electric Propulsion to Sustainable Fuels: Aviation Experts Converge in Las Vegas to Chart Course Forward

NBAA-BACE, the global hub for business aviation innovations, prioritizes sustainability with options like SAF refueling, and promotes net-zero strategies.

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blog image August, 2023
Fueling the Future: The Aviation Sector Converges in Dubai to Discuss Pathways to Net Zero Emissions

Dubai Airshow 2023 Spotlighted Sustainable Aviation. Aviation accounts for 2-3% of global emissions, a number that could balloon to 25-30% by 2050.

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blog image September, 2023
From AI to Quantum Computing: How North America is Setting the Stage for Next-Gen Defense Technology

Quantum communication offers a more secure avenue for military and intelligence agencies to communicate without compromising sensitive information.

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blog image August, 2023
Taking Flight Without Pilots: How Technology is Radically Transforming Autonomous Aircraft Industry

AI and Electric Propulsion Lead the Charge in Sky-High Revolution. Autonomous Aircraft could enable new missions and operations that are not possible today.

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blog image July, 2023
Soaring Beyond Limits: The Space Revolution Unveils New Frontiers and Challenging Obstacles

Technological innovations, such as reusable rockets and miniaturized satellites, have significantly reduced the costs associated with space exploration.

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blog image June, 2023
Skybound Revolution: Unveiling the 6 Transformative Powers of AI in Aerospace & Defense

With advancements in machine learning and data processing, AI is enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and transforming operations in this critical sector.

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blog image May, 2023
Exploring the Vast Cosmic Frontier: Exciting transformations in Store for Space in 2023

The year 2023 promises an array of exciting advancements. Notably, unmanned moon landings are scheduled, marking a renewed focus on lunar exploration.

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blog image April, 2023
Taking Flight into the Future: Exploring the Aerospace & Defense Industry's 2023 Outlook

As the aerospace and defense industry continues to rebound from the impacts of the pandemic, the 2023 outlook shows promising signs of economic recovery.

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blog image March, 2023
Charting the Skies of Innovation: Unveiling the AI Revolution in Aerospace and Defense

AI technologies are rapidly advancing. The United States and China are investing heavily in AI capabilities, with a significant impact on defense.

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